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Stéphanie Buekenhoudt

My name is Stéphanie. I’m 28 years old and I’m in my third and last year of studies in agronomy with animal technology as optional subject. As part of my internships I’ve spent a month (February 2019) in the Vervet Monkey Foundation… What a great time I’ve had there !

Fascinated by the African continent since I was young and passionate about monkeys and apes thanks to works of people like Jane Goodall it was such an exciting experience for myself to discover the vervet monkeys in their natural habitat.

And I wasn’t disappointed at all ! The place, the people, the nice atmosphere, the south african and vegan lifestyle and most of all the monkeys everything was so pleasant. I was feeling immediately very confortable and agree with the management and the philosophy of the rehabilitation and conservation program. Always well supervised I’ve learned so much things, I was really involved in the project and as Dave Du Toit says to the volunteers I could see the difference I was making in the life of the animals just by looking everyday in their eyes.

I’m very grateful and proud of being a part of it ! And I hope to have the chance to come back one day… Taking care of the babies, working hard for integrations, living with the bandits and of course seeing the monkeys in the Vervet Forest !